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Sarah McCrum - Love Money, Money Loves You

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19 Jan 2023, 07:43 GMT+10

"When we understand what money is, somehow we come to understand what life is at the same time, and we become more human, more alive, more joyful. We have more space, more peace in our lives," shares Sarah McCrum, author, educator, and business innovator. Sarah is the founder of Liberate Humanity, the creator of Thank You Money, and the author of Love Money, Money Loves You. She's also co-Originator of LOVE TO, a group of Mutual companies that have created a new type of financial product, backed by the regeneration and protection of nature and human quality of life. Today, she joins host Tiffany Zehara to talk about money.

People tend to stress about money and look at money from the wrong perspective. It is important to realize that money is actually a loving energy that we can all benefit from instead of always thinking about it from a place of scarcity. There is a longstanding view that having money means you are not a good person, because if you have money that must mean that someone else does not. However, money in itself is abundant and unlimited. It can help bring us together and create joy and peace in all of our lives when used properly. All it takes is changing the perspective with which we usually think about money.

If you keep yourself open to receiving the loving energy of money, that is what will find you. When you close yourself off and view money from a place of scarcity, that energy is unable to come into your life. Tune into today's episode of Humanitarian Entrepreneur Podcast for a talk with special guest Sarah McCrum about the misconceptions that people usually have about money and how to view money in a more positive way.

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  • "Money is unlimited. It's not scarce like we think it is, and it's here to connect us together." (4:12-4:19 | Sarah)
  • "Almost all people experience some form of stress around money." (6:03-6:06 | Sarah)
  • "When we understand what money is somehow we come to understand what life is at the same time, and we become more human, more alive, more joyful. We have more space, more peace in our lives." (7:40-7:53 | Sarah)
  • "Once you think that money is limited and scarce, then you think if I have more, somebody will have less." (10:04-10:11 | Sarah)
  • "When we get our value system the right way around, then we can actually create peace in our lives and in our economy. And this kind of goes back to the money saving the world thing. If our economy is based on really destructive values, how can we ever really have peace with it?" (14:14-14:32 | Sarah)

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