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Clayton is a co-host of The Shift to Freedom podcast as well as an international relationship coach and facilitator who provides individual and group coaching sessions for both men and women. His goal is to help people become the ideal, most authentic versions of themselves so that they can show up fully in their relationships. In this episode, he talks about the model of logical levels, the origin of limiting beliefs, hypnotherapy, and awareness of embracing the authentic self.

"Get really curious about why we are the way that we are with respect and awareness. And then with a sense of embracing and honoring, ask where is it that we want to go? Who do we want to be? And if we had full agency to create that, what would that look like?", asks co-host Clayton Olson. Today, co-host Paige Easter picks Clayton Olson's brain on the steps people can take to stop the war within themselves and step into who they wish to be. Taking examples from her own life and experiences with hypnotherapy, Paige asks Clayton to walk her through how he would coach someone in her position of wanting to be a more confident person. Clayton explains the model of logical levels, developed by Robert Dilts, to showcase the six levels of ways reality can be organized and uses it to illustrate where limiting beliefs come from.

Listen to, or watch, the full podcast interview by Ben Easter with Paige Easter on your preferred podcast channel.

In this podcast, the host covers:

  • Stepping out of the victim mindset and embracing personal responsibility

  • The childhood origins of common limiting beliefs

  • Viewing limiting beliefs with curiosity instead of judgment

  • How people can figure out who they want to be and embrace their ideal life

  • The model of logical levels, developed by Robert Dilts

  • How to coach someone to be more confident through hypnotherapy

Clayton Olson, International Relationship Coach

Podcast Quotes:

  • "Having that sense of responsibility that I am the one that's creating this is a foundational platform from which to jump into the personal development work." (4:48-4:57 | Paige)

  • "When someone is going into a place of self-judgment, one of the tools that I love to employ is to begin to help them see how whatever pattern they are creating in their life that is currently unwanted, is actually a protective mechanism, or a pattern that was useful at one time earlier in their life." (9:10-9:40 | Clayton)

  • "We can absolutely at times create a change in our environment. Which creates new behaviors. Which actually will trickle all the way down to our identity if we do it enough times." (20:25-20:34 | Clayton)

  • "When we've stopped the war with ourselves and we have more compassion for who we've been and how we've showed up, we can begin to play into the future with more lightness and more creativity and more fun." (33:22-33:33 | Clayton)

  • "What if you step into just for a moment a reality where you have full agency. And as soon as you step into that reality, your brain will allow space for thinking about what are the steps I can take. And I believe that it's only when we take an adventure into that landscape, into that belief, that we can create a path for ourselves out of it." (33:56-34:18 | Paige)

About the Podcast Guest:

To learn more about Clayton Olson visit his website (Clayton Olson Coaching).

About The Shift to Freedom Podcast:

The Shift to Freedom podcast is the place where you will find the courage to show up as your most authentic self. Host Ben Easter explores the intersection of business and relationship through humorous and deep conversations. The goal is to move more into the aligned versions of who we are and free ourselves from the stories that limit or hold us back, either financially, socially, emotionally, or mentally. Join Ben and his collaborators, weekly, to start making the shift into freedom!

Listen to, or watch, the full podcast interview by Ben Easter with Paige Easter on your preferred podcast channel.

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